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During the term of this course, your student will be exposed to many aspects of small business management. Students will be put in situations requiring critical thinking, ethical decision making, and cooperation, while addressing the importance of technology and the global marketplace. Students will be required to cooperatively work in groups, conduct research on the internet, visit various businesses in the community, and use the entrepreneurial skills required to start their own business. The class will culminate with the students doing a multimedia presentation of their business plan to a panel of business professionals. Expect your student to work 5 to 10 additional hours per week, especially on weekends.

The main focus of this course is to develop a small business plan.  The students will be allowed to work in groups of up to three or independently.  Students who work in groups may divide their work responsibilities amongst group members as they see fit however, group members who do not uphold their responsibilities will have their final grade severely reduced. The final business plan must be typed and will be presented to a panel of business professionals who act as judges.  The presentation must involve all members of the group and be multi-media (web design, power point, video tapes, dioramas, overhead projections, handouts, etc.) Student’s final grade on their business plan will be graded in four areas each having equal weight: the written plan, the presentation of the plan, sales performance, and teamwork

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