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The first research paper will be introduced with in the first week of class. The minimum requirements for the paper are:

- Minimum of three sources; one of which must be an electronic source. -

- Title Page -

- Outline -

- Minimum of three pages of text; double spaced, standard font, 12 pt, 1 inch margin all around. -

- Reference Page -

- Format of the paper is in accordance with the (English Department's Reference Guide for Research Papers). -


The student will choose from one of the folowing topics:


Economic Indicators: What are they and how do they work?

Exchange Rates and Exchange: How does money affect trade?

Market Failures and Government Regulation: Is the cure worse than the disease?

NAFTA and CAFTA: Are jobs being sucked out of the United States?

The Euro: If it worked in Europe, will a global currency work?

Human Migration Within and Into the United States: What are the affects?

The International Monetary Fund: What is it?

The Gold Standard: Will it ever work again?

Supply-side Economics: Voodoo economics or hard core theory?

Inflation: Friend or foe?

The United States: Western monster or misunderstood?

Cultural Differences Between Nations: A barrier to trade or business opportunity?

The United Nations: Has it lived up to its expectations?

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Should the United States continue to support it?

WTO: Has it been entirely successful?

Intellectual Property: Can it be protected by international law?

Social Values vs. International Businesses: Should international businesses be prevented from trading with countries that do not adhere to their society’s values?

OPEC: Economic muscle and political strength or schoolyard bully?

The United States Debt: Does the largest foreign debt mean the biggest debtor?

Global Advertising: If it works here will it work there?

Georgia: A budding hub for international commerce, or a black hole?

U.S. Customs: An advocate for national security or failing miserably?


The student will have six weeks to complete the resewith the following time table:

Week 1 - Two sources with notes
Week 2 - The final source with notes
Week 3 - The outline is due
Week 4 - The rough draft is due and will be checked by classmates
Week 5 - The final copy will turned in
Week 6 - The students will deliver a power point presentation to the class.



Use the International Business Text, Chapter 1, as a reference for determining what information needs to be included in your report. The report will be written using the Camden County High School English Department Research Paper Guidelines.

The paper will be in the following order:

Title Page


Body of Works

  1. Chapter 1 – The Land: Including but not limited to climate, terrain, seaways, natural resources, agricultural products, etc.
  2. Chapter 2 – The People: Including but not limited to the history of the country, culture, language, education, religion, values, customs, social relationships, dress, foods, demographics, ethnic groups, etc.
  3. Chapter 3 – The Economy: Including but not limited to type of economic system, imports, exports, indicators, trade balance, education level, types of industries, technology, currency, exchange rate stability, etc.
  4. Chapter 4 – The Government: Including but not limited to type of government and political system, political stability, government policies toward business, trade policies, political view points toward other nations, etc.


Letter to the Embassy

Country Flag

Country Maps

Travel Brochure


A letter must be written to the Embassy requesting information about the country. Information and materials received from the Embassy must be incorporated into the paper. If there is a reasonable cost incurred I will pay for it; check with me first!!!

A computer generated (NOT HAND MADE) paper sized map willbe included.

The following color maps of the country will be included:


Population density

Economic production

Develop a travel brochure promoting the country for tourism.

Additional appendices may be included to show pictures, charts, graphs, etc. that are referenced in the text and would be helpful in providing a better picture of the country.


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